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Gifts to Get ’em Movin!

Not sure what to get someone for Christmas? There are so many factors to consider!

What are the person’s interests? What is their style? Will they even use it?

It’s getting down to the wire. If you’re going to get them a gift, why not make it one that will get them moving.

We’ve put together some gift ideas to get ’em movin’!

Ranging from mp3 music players to workout apparel to subscription to fitness magazines, there’s something for everyone!

For the kiddos or even some adults that have an Xbox Kinect there are several Dance Central versions. With fun catchy and new music, it’s fun to learn dance routines and get the heart rate pumping! They’ve updated their music and now have 4 versions as well as another version that includes all country songs.

For moms and anyone who loves to shake their booty, here’s a Zumba DVD set with a pair of weights included.

Or just wondering what to get the fitness guru something fun to wear? Check out cute apparel ideas at and come back to Buybott to purchase it!

Either way you can find something for everyone!

Check out our Board for more ideas!


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