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Let’s Get Physical!

Fitness apparel has come a long way since the 80’s.

The spandex industry boomed in the 80’s with the help of Jane Fonda and Olivia Newton John. Now it’s back! We can’t get away from it. Though styles and colors have changed, it’s still here.

But let’s face it, not everyone looks good in spandex and not everyone is into it either. For some, spandex is very functional. If you are a competitive bicyclist or an avid runner, spandex is the type of clothing you want to wear. It moves with your body and can prevent chaffing.

Unlike cotton, it doesn’t get heavy and doesn’t keep the moisture in.For others, spandex is just really comfortable. It adheres to whatever your body type or size and moves with you.

If you don’t specialize in a specific sport and you just like to exercise to stay fit and healthy, spandex is great for just working out as well.

With fitness companies trying to stay up on fashion trends, spandex now comes in a variety of colors and styles. Realistically though, spandex isn’t for everyone and not everyone can pull it off.

Sometimes you don’t feel like wearing tight clothing, exposing every single curve. Sometimes you just want to wear clothing that you don’t feel self conscious in. You want comfortable, functional and well fit, not TIGHT fit.

This is tough. When searching for athletic apparel, the top results that show up are spandex material, like the above picture. So here are some alternatives for the spandex adverse. They work just as well without being skin tight.

Tank tops that are slightly billowy and not constricting:

Bottoms that are not baggy like sweatpants, but fit well.

You’ll find lots of alternatives on our Women’s Athletic Apparel BuyBott Board. Have any other apparel you like to wear that’s not skin tight? Any brands in particular that do this well?


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