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Leapfrog vs. V-Tech — Best tablet for kids

As the holidays grow nearer you may be wondering what exactly it your children want.


With a little bit of research, you may be surprised to hear that things kids want more of is technology that is directed towards them. Some of your younger children may even know how to navigate your tablet or smartphone better than you do, but those aren’t exactly marketed for children. They tend to be more fragile and parental controls are almost nonexistent. And, as technology becomes more and more affordable, you will find that more and more people are adding things like tablets, computers, and cameras to their wishlist.

These are all great gifts for children because they are safe, the kids will have their own tablets to play on instead of constantly asking for yours, and they are affordable. ishlists. At a glance these mostly seem like adult oriented gifts, but perhaps we should pay more attention when children make requests for things like the Leapfrog LeapPad2 Explorer (and Power), Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra, V-Tech InnoTab 3, or V-Tech InnoTab 3S.

Here’s a little information about each of those items:

Leapfrog’s LeapPad2 Explorer was the hot selling item in holiday seasons past and it still sought after by many parents. I myself witnessed people lining up outside of the Toys “R” Us where I worked starting at one in the morning so they would be sure to get one this year for their kids.  And it was for good reason. Following the success of the original LeapPad Explorer, the LeapPad Explorer 2 featured 4 GB of memory, front and back facing cameras for taking pictures and videos, and it is backwards compatible with older LeapPad games cartridges. It comes in pink and green and there is also a version available called LeapPad2 Explorer Power that comes with rechargeable batteries and an ac adapter. With these improvements made, the Leapfrog LeapPad2 Explorer enables children to learn and have fun while doing it with hundreds of games and apps available.

From Left to Right: LeapPad2 Explorer, LeapPad2 Power, and LeapPad Ultra

From Left to Right: LeapPad2 Explorer, LeapPad2 Power, and LeapPad Ultra

Also from Leapfrog is the LeapPad Ultra. This new learning tablet from Leapfrog debuts many new features. It includes 8 GB of storage, wi-fi connectivity, kid-safe Internet browser and parental controls, and much more that can be found in this video.

Leapfrog’s number one competitor is V-Tech with it own line of kids learning tablets. The InnoTab 3 and 3S are quite comparable to both the LeapPad2 Explorer and the LeapPad Ultra.

The InnoTab 3 has a smaller screen than the LeapPad 2 and also less on board memory (only 2GB) but that memory can be expanded to 32 GB with a micro SD card and the screen is only .7 inches smaller than the explorers. However, it doesn’t have a power version. You will still need to replace the batteries when they die in this tablet. However, this product is a bit less expensive than the LeapPad2 Explorer.

From Left to Right: InnoTab 3 and InnoTab 3S

From Left to Right: InnoTab 3 and InnoTab 3S

The same can be said when comparing the InnoTab 3S with the LeapPad Ultra. The InnoTab’s screen is still smaller, 5 inches this time, and the on board memory is still less than the LeapPad Ultra’s at 4 GB, but the memory can again be expanded with a micro SD card. However the LeapPad Ultra’s screen handily beats out the InnoTab 3S’s sporting a 7 inch screen. However, the InnoTab 3S comes with a cool adult to child interaction feature you can run straight from your smartphone, also has wi-fi capabilities and child-safe web browsing, and come with rechargeable batteries and an ac adapter. It also is substantially less expensive than the LeapPad Ultra. You can watch these videos about V-Tech’s InnoTab 3 and InnoTab 3S here and here.

To sum things up, LeapPad2 Explorer has advantages over it’s V-Tech counterpart the InnoTab 3. It comes in a power version that allows you and your children to recharge it by plugging it into a wall like any other tablet while the InnoTab 3 only take batteries. It’s screen slightly bigger than the InnoTab’s but not by much. The InnoTab 3 is less expensive than the LeapPad Explorer 2 and LeapPad2 Power, but on these current versions, the LeapPad2 Power is the better deal.

The LeapPad Ultra and the InnoTab 3S pretty much offer the same things, except the LeapPad Ultra has a larger and higher resolution screen on more onboard memory at purchase. Both tablets come with wi-fi connectivity and kid-safe browsing, bot are rechargeable, but while you can track your child’s learning progress online on the LeapPad Ultra, the InnoTab 3S stresses an interesting feature where parents with smartphones can communicate with the children on their tablets. Also, the InnoTab 3S is drastically less expensive than the LeapPad Ultra.

~Buybott Team

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