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3 Tools to Help You Feel Better Post Workout

Have you seen this before and just not really sure what to do with it?

If you’re like me, it was always one of those things that I’ve seen, but never really tried.

Well turns out, it’s the next best thing to a deep tissue massage…almost.

If you haven’t exercised in a while and are about to embark on an exercise program, you will most likely want to have one of these.
Or if you are already active, you should get one if you haven’t already.


Well let’s take a little more in-depth look at why we get sore. One theory is that when exercising “your soft tissue (fascia) develops adhesions that lead to neuromuscular control and imbalance“.

In other words, your muscles will form knots and “inelasticity” because your body is adapting to movement patterns that they are not used to.

If pressure is applied to these areas, called trigger points, there may be a lot of pain and sensitivity.

What can I do about it?

This is where stretching can help, but what can be most effective is Self Myofascial Release (SMR).

Performing SMR allows several benefits:

  • increased blood flow to the damaged soft tissue
  • muscle relaxation
  • improved ROM (range of motion)
  • reduced soreness
  • decrease stresses on joints and other parts of the human body.

No doubt, when you begin foam rolling, it can be painful. That’s why people like deep tissue massages since it’s hard to do themselves.

Tools to use.

View the Collection: SMR gear

Foam Roller

-Tennis Ball 

-Lacrosse Ball

-The Stick Muscle Massage

Foam rollers, lacrosse balls, tennis balls are all great for SMR, as they work directly on those sore muscles.
SMR can be done with lacrosse balls, tennis balls, hand held rollers, and foam rollers. They all vary in density and depending on how tight the muscle or the location of the knot, different tools can be most effective.

Here’s some instruction on how to use each of these tools:

foam roller 
Foam roller exercises for women and for men
myofascial chest

Lacrosse/tennis ball – for more pinpoint accuracy in specific areas of muscle.

female roller

Trigger Point Massage Roller and foot baller.

Here is a great article if you would like to learn more about SMR techniques.

Head over to our SMR board and check out these great tools to help keep you limber and mobile!

View the Collection: SMR gear

Foam Roller

-Tennis Ball 

-Lacrosse Ball

-The Stick Muscle Massage


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