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Great Tips and Ideas for Your Halloween Decorating Needs!

The holidays seem to be a great time for people to test their craft making know-how. Halloween flourishes with this with neighborhoods holding contests for scariest house, some may even hold neighborhood haunted houses. Your purpose may not be to scare your kids, but coming up with cute and welcoming decorations that might feel like something you need to go to the store for. But just as those hard-core horror decorators often make their own decorations, you can too!

One site that has some wonderful ideas is, a site filled with tons of great cooking, crafting, and activity ideas. This article

Creative, cost effective Halloween Crafts. Photo from

Turn trash into art. A cute skeleton that will add a little Halloween fun. Photo from Make:Craft

contains several ideas of decorations that can be made out of normal household items that are cute but maintain the spirit of Halloween.

Having a party but feel the decorations are a bit off? Martha Stewart has some great ideas for homemade decorations, whether it be a whole room, a table centerpiece, wall hanging, or candles.

Need some party games? You can always try the good old-fashioned mummy wrap!

Divide the kids (or adults for that matter) into teams and give them toilet paper or streamers and see who can wrap their volunteer mummy up the fastest! Bobbing for apples is another classic and is fun for all ages! Or even hide some eyeball candies or bouncy balls around the house and see who can find the most! Or do a spin off of pin the tail on the donkey but finish off the outfit of a rather dapper looking skeleton with fabulous top hat!

Mummy Wrap Games Photo from:

And last but not least: pumpkin carving. You may have seen books floating around for Pumpkin Master. Well, its site is full of all sorts of things related to pumpkin carving. These include videos, contests, and free carving patterns.

Like these ideas? Keep them in mind for next week’s post when we go more in depth on planning the perfect Halloween party!

Happy Halloween!

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