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How to Organize Your Closet Like a Pro –Tips and Tricks


“There’s no better time to clean out your closet than at the turn of the season. Follow the golden rule of closet organization: If you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably won’t wear it again.”

Martha Stewart Living

Hi All,

Fall is upon us and with Christmas coming fast, here are helpful tips to create a clutter free space for the cozy winter months! These are a few recommendations from people who know what they’re doing in order to turn your fall closet organization into a success!


BB faceThe BuyBott Staff


REAL SIMPLE’s article “31 Ways to Make Over Your Closets” recommends many tips from the experts, we have highlighted our top three favorites.

        1. “Proper clothing care calls for appropriate hangers: satin padding for more delicate items and sturdy wood hangers for tailored jackets”

h h2 h3

Check out BuyBott’s selection of hangers to make your closet transformation perfect

        2.  A second tip is to maximize your storage by stacking shoe boxes.


Slim plastic shoe boxes stack compactly, while hanging canvas shelves offer an inexpensive alternative to built-ins.”

 We have just the solution!

        3. Next, customize your drawers using a “customizable unit of wire drawers.”

Look no further!

closet 2

 Here is the featured picture from the article…


            And Here is the drawer set from

Need more inspiration? Check out the featured article for more organization tips to maximize your closet space: Real Simple–31 Ways to Make Over your Closet 

Then check out’s Closet Clean up Board  for all your fall organizing needs! Key searches that yielded products displayed in this article are: organization, closet, hangers, and wire drawers.

Best of Luck!

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