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Best Fun Halloween Costumes for Kids, Families, and Pets

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Hey everybody! We hope everyone is having a great October! Speaking of October, does everyone know what y’all dressing up as for Halloween? Whether you’re just handing out candy, taking the kids around the neighborhood, or going to a costume party, there is no need to fret over costume ideas! The Internet has some great resources to suit all your costume needs.

Some great magazines have some lovely suggestions on their website for do-it-yourself and frugal costume ideas. Country Living has cute ideas from a LEGO brick, to a hot-air balloon, to an owl or Rubiks cube.



Parents Magazine has great suggestions that the whole family can join in! Keeping in the do-it-yourself category, a quick search of “halloween costumes diy” brings up hundreds of ideas on Pinterest.



Not in the mood to make your own? You can always buy them! The Internet offers hundreds of options for finding the perfect costume whether it be for yourself, your children, or even for your pet. Feeling presidential? Make a statement with some masks! Have kids going crazy over Pokémon X and Y? Find everything you need to dress them up as their favorite trainer or Pokémon!


The possibilities are endless! Do-it-yourself or not, costumes don’t have to be a stress this year. Ideas can be found online for kids, adults, and pets!

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Have a happy and safe Halloween! Yee-haw!   BB face


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