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A New Kind of Registry for Weddings, Babies, and More. Create Collections Useful for all Stages of Life.

October is here and we at Buybott hope it’s off to a great start! We’ve already started collecting our fall collection to prepare for the season.

What will you collect and start searching for? Recently we were in conversation with a mom-to-be—excited for her new journey into the next chapter of her life—she’s been shopping online and creating multiple baby registries. She will make lists of items she wants, and may search across multiple blogs to find what products are recommended by other moms she should get.

Buybott is here to help.

baby stages

Buybott is a great place to put together baby registries. People will sometimes make multiple lists at multiple stores to cover everything they need but that can get confusing. Using, you can have everything you need or want in one easy to find list. All you have to do is put together a list using Buybott’s boards feature by clicking the board button in the top right corner and create a board dedicated to a baby registry. Search some popular blogs like Real Mom Reviews or Orlando Moms Blog to find some recommendations. Then all you have to do is search for the recommended items using the search bar then using the drop down menu on the item to add it to your baby registry board. This can be done for wedding registries, wish lists, themed lists and more!

And the use of boards can continue after the baby is born. You can put lists together dedicated to when your child grows out of clothes, needs a bigger car seat, or for when he or she is finally ready to start school.Check out our boards for Mommies-to-be, families with Baby’s on Board, and parents with Toddlers and Wobblers. Create your own and share with your friends.

The possibilities and opportunities are endless! Buybott is here for any stage of life.

Discover and collect the web’s best at for the stages in your life.

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